Local Solutions Require Local Knowledge

Doing business in Suriname often turns out to be a challenging undertaking. There are abundant opportunities, but working conditions can be complex.

When it comes to safely navigating your business through the obstacles you may encounter you will find out that local knowledge is essential to success.

Our corporate slogan “Local solutions require local knowledge” is perfectly personified with the Kulaman (Cool-ah-man) in our video footage

Where GPS and other modern means of navigation may probably be of no avail, the Kulaman graciously navigates his kruyara (dugout wooden boat) through the rocks in the ferocious rapids of the mighty rivers in the interior of Suriname. With the kula as his only tool and his knowledge of the environment he is working in.

We are proud to portray ourselves with the Kulaman, who has gained his skills and knowledge through experience and extensive understanding of the environment he is working in.